How working
with us works

Step 1: Getting to know you

If we don’t know you, we can’t advise you. So first things first; we meet up, have a chat, and find out what you want from your money, and from your life.

You bring yourself, and as much information on your finances as you can (no money, initial meetings are currently fee free). We bring our expertise and supply the tea. Between us, we can start things moving.

Step 2: Reviewing your finances

What’s your money up to? It might be spread across a range of plans and investments. It might be working hard for you. It might need to pull its finger out. Often, it can be hard to know for sure.

We review all of your finances, to see what’s working and what isn’t. From there, we can begin planning for the future.

Step 3: Recommendations

We come back to you with recommendations.  Plans, to help you get what you want from your finances.

But we don’t just present you with pieces of paper and expect our work to be done, there and then.   We work together, discussing options, making sure you’re completely comfortable with what’s being proposed.  After all, it’s your money.  We can’t help thinking you should be in control.


Step 4: Continuing the relationship

Once we’ve put a plan in place, we don’t hurry you out and promise to keep in touch.

We’re with you every step of the way, holding regular reviews, maintaining the relationship. That way, we can help your plan grow and change as your life does.