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Posted 2 October 2017 | The Penny Group


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KFM Services

At the start of this year Eddie Kassner of KFM Services decided it was time to organise his retirement strategy..

After nearly 25 years as a Financial Adviser the time was right for him to focus on other interests.

To ensure the continuity of service, and following careful consideration, Eddie approached The Penny Group in regard to taking over the servicing of his clients. As a larger practice within the Openwork Network, he felt we would be best equipped to meet all their needs, having the personnel, expertise, infrastructure, and energy to provide a high level of service, and with the advantage of youth on our side, would be able to offer ongoing continuity.

We were delighted to take this opportunity and are very pleased to have Eddie on board as a non-advisory consultant, whilst we ensure a smooth transition.
KFM represents another great addition to The Penny Group stable and further consolidates our expansion plans.

For further information please contact Emma Cranny

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