The Penny Group Limited gains it's Chartered Status

Posted 23 July 2018 | The Penny Group


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The Penny Group - Chartered Financial Planners

The Penny Group are both delighted and extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded our ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ status. This means we join an elite group of firms across the UK.

A corporate chartered title shows a commitment to an overall standard of excellence and professionalism, and is evidence of our commitment to customers, partners and employees.

To gain chartered status a quarter of a firm's financial advisers must personally hold the chartered financial planner status. It also involves meeting a number of serious obligations. This title is jealously guarded by professional bodies and is not awarded lightly.

Overall the chartered title is a public declaration that advice given by a firm is: 

  • of the highest quality;
  • based solely on the researched needs of the consumer;
  • provided by someone not exceeding their level of competency.

The CII undertakes ongoing monitoring and disciplinary procedures, as well as conducting annual audit visits and firms are required to submit an annual renewal confirming their compliance with the eligibility criteria, so we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels on this one!

Discover how The Penny Group continues to strive for excellence by providing the best financial advice.

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